Out-of-Province Drivers Licenses


If you are applying for an Alberta Driver’s License and are coming in from out of  Province, the following documentation must be presented:


License from previous province or country 


Legal Entitlement to be in Canada  (bring in 1 of the following)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Canada Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency  Photo ID or Consent for a Minor
  • Passport
  • Government Issued ID Card

    Proof of Alberta Residency

    • Utility bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Bank Statement (must be mailed)
    • Pay stub/ Letter of Employment
    • Or other relevant document

    Many jurisdictions have reciprocal licensing agreements with Alberta and Canada.  Some do not.  We will be able to advise you of any further requirements after we review your documents.


    If under the age of 18, Consent for a Minor form 

    (must be signed in Registry Office)