Road Tests

  • On the day of the road test, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your sceduled time.

  • Prior to the road test, you will be required to check in with a registry agent, please provide your Valid Drivers License and your road test permit that was e-mailed to you, or if completing an Ignition Interlock Road Test, valid Government Issued ID.

  • Your eligibility to take a Road Test will be confirmed on the Motor Vehicles System when you check in. If you are ineligible on the test date, the test will not proceed and your fee will not be returned.

  • In order to take a Road Test, you must provide an appropriate vehicle in good mechanical condition with lights and horn working. You must also produce valid insurance and registration for the vehicle. Please ensure that your vehicle has enough gas to complete the Road Test. Failure to provide appropriate vehicle with enough gas and valid insurance and registration will result in your test being cancelled without refund.

  • After you have successfully completed the Road Test, you will need to re-class your Drivers License. The cost is $22.45.

  • During the Road Test, no pets or passengers other than the Driver Examiner are allowed in the vehicle.

Please note that if you fail to provide 24 hours notice for cancellations or if you do not make it to your scheduled appointment, your Test Permit will be void and you will be required to pay the fee again in order to reschedule.

Drivers who successfully obtain a Class 5 GDL License are reminded that they must hold their class 5 GDL License for a minimum of two years prior to being eligible to take the Advanced Road Test and obtain Fully Licensed Driver Status. Advance Road Tests are $138.00

For customer inquires or complaints about a Road Test, please contact:.

Transportation Safety Services toll free at 1-800-666-5036.