Other Registration Services

Plate Transfers
To transfer a plate to another vehicle it costs $22.45.  Proof of ownership, proof of insurance and ID are required. 

Plate Exchanges
To replace lost or stolen plate, registration certificate or tab is a cost of $22.45.

Plate Cancellation
To cancel a license plate, for example if you have sold a vehicle and are not planning on replacing it, you may want to cancel your plate and get a refund.  

Please note that if all parties that are on the Registration are unable to be present to make a transfer, exchange or cancllation, an Authorization for Vehicle Services form is required from the party who is unable to attend.  


If you want to register a vehicle in someone else’s name beside the owner, an Authorization for Vehcile Services form is required. Proof of insurance must also include the names you want to have the vehicle registered in.