Out of Province Registration Procedure

All vehicles last registered in another province, state or country must first be inspected by an authorized mechanic before being registered in . 


1. Bring your identification

    Proof of ownership of your vehicle (Bill of sale or vehicle registration)

     Proof of Insurance

2. Obtain a Request for Vehicle Inspection from our registry office.  This is a cost of $ 9.45. Take this form to a mechanic authorized to do out-of-province inspections.   


3. You will receive a  form from the mechanic “Out of Province Inspection Certificate”, this form is good for 14 days ONLY! (If you are not planning to register the vehicle within 14 days of the inspection, bring in the inspection form in to our registry office and we will update the vehicle status for a fee of $9.45.

4.  You are now ready to register your vehicle.  Bring in Alberta drivers license,
the Out of Province Inspection Certificate, proof of ownership (bill of sale or previous registration certificate), proof of insurance (your insurance company must qualify for Alberta and if the vehicle is coming from out of country bring in the import form “Form 1”.